December 16, 2019

Are you searching for custom-crafted personalized eyewear? We have the largest selection of frames in the Los Alamitos area, with over 800-styles to choose from, there's something in your budget range. Our professional eyewear services will sort you out with the best t...

November 13, 2019

We're one of the top eyewear providers for Los Alamitos, CA offering a range of high quality frames for your needs. If you're looking to decorate your windows to the soul, stop by and we'll help you find the right eyewear to match.

A Strong Range of Frames

Because you ca...

October 23, 2019

60 Minute Spectacles offers a complete frame and lens package special for as low as $59. Choose from a large selection of frames and excellent service.

Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. We say that means that you should decorate them properly. We're one of th...

October 9, 2019

You wear your glasses all day, people see you with them on, they interact with you with them on. Like it or not, your glasses become an integral part of your presentation.

A pair of glasses that do not flatter your head size, shape, eye shape, etc, are not the right p...

September 25, 2019

When it comes time to select a new pair of glasses, most people only choose one pair and wear that same pair on a constant basis until they need a new one. However, you might want to consider investing in multiple pairs. Why? – Here’s a look at some of the benefits of...

September 23, 2019

One of the first features a person will notice is someone's eyes. That initial eye contact carries and solidifies a person's first impression of an individual, and we all know how important first impressions are. This is why you have to have eyewear that suits your sty...

September 11, 2019

Are you searching for somewhere that can offer you a new pair of eyeglasses? Experiencing problems with your vision is part of growing up. As we age, our eyes lose their luster, and most of us need to compensate for our failing eyesight with a pair of eyeglasses.

Your e...

August 28, 2019

Who doesn’t like getting something for free? Well, when you purchase a pair of lenses from us, that’s exactly what you can get!

We’re so excited about this offer, and you should be, too! We are so committed to meeting the vision needs of our clients that we have decided...

August 14, 2019

Glasses do more than just improve your eyesight; they can also completely transform the way you look. Whether you only need them for distance or reading, or you need to wear them ‘round-the-clock, you’re it’s important that you select a pair of frames that work for you...

August 1, 2019

Whether you’re thinking about investing in a pair of transition lenses or you already own a pair and want to upgrade, then you’re definitely going to want to consider Essilor Transitions Signature Gen 8 Lenses with Crizal. What are they and why are they so incredible?...

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