Easy on the Eyes Art Gallery presents Terri Louise

Join us on July 15 from 6-9pm at 10612 Los Alamitos Blvd. for an Open House featuring artist Terri Louise. There will be refreshments, hors d'oeuvre's, and a chance to meet the artist herself! Prints and personalized artwork will also be available for purchase. We can't wait to see you!

Artist Bio:

Our lives are spent in a long series at lessons. In my life art education has been critical to my continued growth as a person. Important life lessons began at Santa Monica College majoring in fine art. My first college art teacher gave me what he considered sage advice; he told me I was a waste of his time; I had no talent and should give up art. He was the teacher, so he knew what he was talking about. My grandmother Dee Durham a local Santa Monica artist thought differently, she taught me the basics of drawing and oil painting in elementary school. My first painting was a vase of chrysanthemums; the paint was laid on thick bright reds, yellows, and oranges. I think my mother still has it.

Lesson: Work on your skills, follow your muse, and don't listen to pompous moronic teachers.

A few years after college and abstract painting became my door back into the studio. I combined poetry with a wash of black paint and vivid, bright geometric shapes on canvas. I ended up throwing the painting away, instead of decorating the local dump the paintings found a new home in a neighboring apartment. I accidentally discovered my trash painting on a neighbor's wall, while walking past their open apartment window.

Lesson: Don't throw away cool stuff even if you don't think it's cool.

It's impossible for me to be a one dimensional artist so I paint i various styles form landscapes to seascapes, to vividly colored abstracts and sculptural terracotta figures, I take a lot of pictures, I photograph a wide range of images in traditional and impressionistic styles. Among my favorite subjects are thought provoking conceptual images I call "Low Brow."

I love what I do, my art is an expression of my faith, love, passion, and joy.

Terri Louise

(714)962-3120 or (714)801-4429


durhamteri@msn.com and durhamterri9@gmail.com

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