Prescription Dive Mask and Swim Goggles!

Swimming and other water activities can be tricky when you need vision correction. You want to be able to see your best both in and out of the water but swimming with your glasses or contact lenses isn't practical. Sixty Minute Spectacles offers prescription Dive Mask and Goggles so you can see all the miracles the sea offers. Dive into summer with our prescription dive masks available in single vision and bifocal options. Let yourself see clearly if you are swimming with a dolphin or shark.

Many people are unaware that there are risks when wearing contact lens underwater. The ocean, pool and even shower allow for bacteria to get under the lens and cause an infection. Contacts are not recommended unless your goggles or masks are completely sealed. Prescription water eyewear is an easier and safer option. Come to Sixty Minute Spectacles to find the perfect prescription eyewear for your next water adventure.

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