Cheap Glasses Are Not Your Friend

People who want to take shortcuts to get cheap glasses take a chance on their quality of life. Vision is your greatest asset and paying for a pair of glasses that don’t give you the vision that you need is like having a good looking pair of tight shoes, they may look good but cause you unnecessary pain. Many online services don’t require exact measurements, and so you get a general prescription that is close enough, but maybe not exactly what you need. This is especially important with bifocals or progressive lenses.

Experience counts when it comes to your vision!

Fashion and function; one is usually sacrificed when you don’t have a chance to have an experienced eye care professional help you with your selection. You could take a chance on discount services and get discount results or come to Sixty Minute Spectacles where we offer expert advice and assistance in matching your prescription with the right style for you.

It is important for you to have an experienced eyewear professional help you through the process when making a decision on eyewear.

We also offer

Comprehensive Eyeglass Examinations - $70.00.

Contact Lens Exams - $100.00 or more depending on your eye condition.

Our doctor has been providing eyecare services for over 40 years and our eyewear selection is not only extensive but varied. Sports, fashion, function, experience is only a few of the things you will receive at Sixty Minute Spectacles.

Come visit us because we can see why you can’t see shopping anywhere else.

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