Eye Protection is Essential

Some in the sports world would say that safety equipment is extremely overrated. Well ask the football players who are now crippled due to using underrated helmets and designer sportswear that looks good but offer minimal protection. Better yet, ask the ski pro now in traction because the googles he was wearing looked good but had the wrong color lens and he did not see that patch of ice in time. How about the motorcycle rider with a bird stuck in his eye because he was too macho to wear glasses or a helmet. Now he is blind in one eye and has road rash in the other.

Many people are unaware of how important it is to protect your vision, sunglasses and a designer hat are not the answer. It is predicted that because of these shortcuts that people will be subject to cataracts, retina damage, macular degeneration, and total blindness in the next 3 to 5 years.

Research has shown over 60% of eye injuries in sports related activities could have been avoided if that person was wearing the proper safety glasses.

In many cases they needed a prescription but could not find anyone that would help fit them with a prescription in their designer glasses.

I can put prescription lenses in almost any frame, yours or mine.

That is my specialty, and I have prevented many injuries and increased the quality of life for thousands of adults and children. We have safety glasses for any contact sport and even have swim goggles and dive masks that come with or without a prescription. Come see us now and save a trip to the ER.

For the month of October we will be offering 20% off Liberty Sport Safety Glasses. Come get your pair today!

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