Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for Eyeglass Frames

Glasses do more than just improve your eyesight; they can also completely transform the way you look. Whether you only need them for distance or reading, or you need to wear them ‘round-the-clock, you’re it’s important that you select a pair of frames that work for you.

With so many styles and options to choose from, trying to pick a pair of frames can challenging. To help you out, here’s a look at some important factors you should consider while you’re shopping.

Face Shape

First and foremost, you should consider the shape of your face. Whether you have a round, oval, diamond, square, or heart-shaped face, there are frames available that will perfectly accent your face. Opt for something that balances the shape of your face; for example, if you have a round face, square frames can make a round face look long and slim, while cat’s eye frames perfectly accentuate the narrow forehead of a diamond-shaped face.

Hair and Eye Color

Select a color that works with your eye and hair color. Whether you want your frames to pop or blend in with your natural features, you should definitely go for a tone or pattern that compliments your color.


Choose frames that work for your lifestyle. For example, if you only need glasses for distance and constantly take your frames on and off, op for durable, flexible frames that can bend without breaking.

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